About the Dads

This site is basically two guys: A stay-at-home midwesterner named Ty Hardaway and a breathtaking male model in New York named Gavin McInnes. Both are better dads than anyone in the world. You’re welcome, world.

5 Responses to “About the Dads”

  1. ty Says:


    Fuck. I swear to god I saw this is my neighborhood this morning.

    Kid riding bike on sidewalk (hey, it’s a sideWALK, l’il fucker) with faggy helmet which is OK since it’s the law here and shit and flip-flops. What? Gonna break a fucking toe, kid. Wear some shoes.

    But this is the best part. Kid was riding on the sidewalk and his dad. His lame ass faggy dad was supervising. From the minivan. Following him around. Fuck I hate these people.

    My kid’s gonna hate these hate these little fuckers too if she doesn’t become one.

    From ty.

  2. Graas Says:

    Holy fuck, this is exactly what we should be fighting, not the taliban:


  3. oh yeah Says:

    this rock’s
    how do i get it in my email?

  4. Land of Misfit Toys in the Attic « Mydadhomies Says:

    […] least it’s not all about me so shut the hell up.  Like MDH™ Gavin said, “You’re welcome, […]

  5. Signore Signore Says:

    maybe a little late…

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