It’s been a couple months  since I put up the baby fighting video and it seems to have hovered at 12 million views.

Someone at Google adSense told me I would have made $43k if I had ads activated but they won’t let me activate it because the other content is too raunchy.

There was virtually no backlash against the video but that doesn’t provide a story so, as is often the case with today’s media, the fished out one or two YouTube comments and pretended a 14-year-old kid and an old lady constitute a “fierce backlash.”

That’s what I love about these things. They end up saying so much more about the reporters than the story they’re reporting. Daily Mail likes to have exciting headlines but they don’t want to get sued for lying so where their header says, “Alarming video” and “Choke hold” and “furious backlash,” the opening paragraph makes it clear all the moves were done “very gently” and “the baby never appeared to be in distress.” They may have achieved their goal of safe sensationalism but the end result is a schizophrenic mess.

Even lower down the ethical ladder was Inside Edition who sent a crew to my house, interviewed my wife who told the world to chillax and then threw all that out so they could end their segment with a Doctor who I believe is simply paid to give all their alarmism some kind of random credence. She claimed Shaken Baby Syndrome happens “exactly like this” which is the only thing alarming about this whole meme. This ended up blowing up in their faces as their story became a story in and of itself.

In the end, the hosers over at Sun Media got it right and we talked about how far off most reporters have strayed from reality.

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Besides Sun, one of the few sane takes on the whole thing was a well-written article by a reporter over at The Today Show. Who woulda thunk? She cites studies that show how healthy it is to play rough with your kids and even realizes “Babies are hard to kill” is a joke. Maybe there’s hope for today’s alarmist media drones.




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