Never Too Young – Never Too Early



I usually sleep in on Sundays. Not because I’m lazy, or because of any “fatherly” ritual about “a day of rest” or anything. I lie in bed and listen to NPR Weekend Edition. My wife hates that shit and it’s the only time I can just take it all in. I hate it too but I figure it’s good to know what those sneaky do-gooders are up to since you cannot trust do-gooders.

Today, there was a tell-tale pitter-patter of not-so-little feet somewhere in the house. Then, there was rock. Well, noise. But, it was rock for up to 10 or 12 seconds at a time. I was pleasantly amused. Proud even. But I figured it would pass. It was, like, 8:30. Too early but, like Grohl said, just let ’em rock.

I showered and got dressed and discovered the rock was actually happening for nearly 30 second bursts now.

I made my way down to the studio and found these two awesome fuckers “rehearsing.” Mine barking out production orders, the other saying they needed to play together. There was guitaring, drumming, and sometimes pianoing.

When they saw me, they did not scatter like roaches (I’ve read that roaches scattered when you came in, but what would I know) but asked me, earnestly, if there was any way to get the guitar and the mic to play through the same amp. I found a splitter and left them alone.


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