A “Liberial™” Arts Education


My kid is smart. She is smart and she goes to a great American school. Not “Great American™,” but an American school that doesn’t suck like most of them. In fact, it’s been recognized as one of the country’s best.

Right now she is learning about government. Typical fifth grade stuff: branches of government; composition of congress; who our representatives are; etc.

But, while studying the Judicial Branch, lookie what, or how, the liberals are teaching my child (photo above, I’ll give you a moment to peep her flash card on “Supreme Court Membership”). Really? Really?! Liberals cry rivers of non-bottled, tap-water precious resource tears over conservatives leaving stuff out and slanting information, and this is what they are teaching at my kid’s school? The hell.

Now, I’m definitely more liberal than anyone calling themselves a Liberal™. This we all know and it needs no further explanation. I disagree with significantly all Conservative™ dogma. But, I also happen to disagree with about 95% of liberal dogma. It’s all partisan, bickering, bullshit. I can pick and choose what I believe in and what I support. Anyone following a script or partisan talking points is a mope. A dumb, lazy mope. But, c’mon? To diminish four members of the Supreme Court to “Plus 4 more” is shallow. It’s only cheating the kids.

I had my child add the following names to the membership of the Supreme Court: Antonin Scalia, Sam Alito, Anthony Kennedy, and Clarence Thomas. Why? Because this is important. Because these are the members-for-life of the Supreme Court of the United Sates of America in the year 2012, the 236th year of the United Sates of America. This is education. These are the facts. This is the data. How I roll. The choice here was list them all or list none of them. Clearly. I guess Roberts got on the card since he’s head honcho and voted with the law with regard to the universal health care ruling. What-evs.

I also understand that the teacher declared that Clarence Thomas “should be fired” because “he doesn’t do anything.” My problem here is 1) He cannot really be fired. Doy. And, 2) Declaring he doesn’t do anything shows a very dim view of how the Supreme Court works. It also shows a poisonous bias that doesn’t help the students get past the poison biases in politics and government. Already I have to email teachers.

Learning, in my opinion, from either a Conservative™ or a Liberal™ perspective should never, ever insult America. Hey liberals, next time you flail and convulse over Intelligent Design or Creationism, remember this flash card.


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