Let Birds Fly


My kid plays sports. She plays soccer, basketball, lacrosse, and rock climbs (or, “climbs rocks”? You know: harnesses, ropes, goofy shoes, belaying n’ shit. Barefoot white dudes calling each other “brah” everywhere…). She’s kind of a studly.

Unfortunately, she got all the shitty eyesight genes. She’s not blind or anything, but she requires vision correction to see what we used to call the chalkboard. And, obviously, to play sports. She’s probably genetically a touch narcissistic too.

For sports, she typically wears Rec-Specs. I know, expensive but worth it.

Last year at her annual ophthalmology appointment she brought five talking points on an index card lobbying to get contact lenses. She made a convincing case but our ophthalmologist said the youngest he has prescribed contacts to is a ten year-old and that was a special case for football. She was eight. She was pissed the standing exception was for a boy to play sports. The doctor told her he’d reevaluate in a year.

This year, she had one point: I’m ready. He agreed. As the doc said, “motivation is the strongest predictor of success.”

When they initially fit and demonstrate contact lenses for kids they send the parents to the lobby. They put them in and the kid has to take them out and re-insert them solo. This is a huge hurdle. Beasley took about 40 minutes to take out and put back in. Through tears (from toying with the eye), snot (same), and perseverance, she did it.

The parents are in sent to the lobby because we’d go apeshit nuts watching and “helping.”

I promised B it would get quicker and easier. It quickly did. Now, she takes about the same amount of time to insert and remove as her mom and me. She’s proud of herself and quite methodical.

She’ll be 10 in a couple of months. So she now has the record at our ophthalmologist’s (and I’m sure every four-eyed kid at school will now beg to get contacts).

When kids are ready to do things, they are ready. Quit bubble-wrapping and helicoptering!


One Response to “Let Birds Fly”

  1. Marfs Says:

    Amen, Julius T!

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