Comedian Tom Shillue has a great family show on SiriusXM channel 96 called Funny Story. It’s a clean talk show version of Kids Place Live and it features Tom talking to other grown ups about their childhood every Tuesday at 5PM.

I’m on it tonight and the topic is Fathers and Sons. Tom and I live in New York where children are not allowed to make gun gestures with their hands in school and playgrounds are filled with helicopter dads who think grass blades can give paper cuts (I’m not exaggerating). We both grew up with scary dads who said things like, “Stop your crying or I’ll give you something to cry about.” On the show, we discuss the state of fatherhood today and whether or not it’s cool to have a cool dad. Personally, I think all dads are stuck with an ultimatum: You can be friends with them when they’re young or you can be friends with them when they’re old. I chose the latter. Sure I’ll play with the kids and show them how to draw Spider-Man but this is not a democracy. It’s a benevolent dictatorship.

The radio show is based on a live comedy show Tom does where he doesn’t have a set or tell jokes, he just gets up there and tells a funny story. He does this at a club in NYC called UCB East and the end of his radio show features a recording of a story he told on stage involving life before Star Wars. Back then it was all about the Six Million Dollar Man and the worst possible role you could get stuck with while playing outside was being the Six Million Dollar Man’s boss Oscar.

My parents were so cheap they got me this when I asked for a Six Million Dollar Man action figure.

Also, if you’re in New York, I’ll be performing at Funny Story UCB East this Friday at 7:30PM. I think I’ll tell the story about the time my dad leapt out of bed and beat the crap out of some vandals who were trashing the backyard. He was nude.



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