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Holding Hands With Beasley

July 7, 2011

So Beasley, now nine, and I had to take a walk to pick up some pottery thing she made last week. It was back from glazing and she wanted to see it. Besides it killed some time where she’d be watching TeeVee or reading or doing math or something.

It’s hot today; like high-90s plus humidity hot. As we walked and talked, she reached out to hold my hand early on. Now, it’s far too damn hot to hold anybody’s hand by at least 25 degrees, but I didn’t let go. I realized that there’s going to be a time where she does not reach out to hold my hand for a half-hour walk (in 100+ degree heat-index heat or not). She just won’t. There’s going to come a time where holding my old, no-nothing hand will be the very last thing on her to-do list. I realize that. I’m not that big a dummy.

So I let her hold my hand. And I held her’s back. I’d periodically let mine slip and she’d reach out to take it again.

So we walked and talked and held hands in the heat. And I loved every moment.