Boys Club


Gavin sent a link to this video last night and I didn’t get it at first. I was sitting on the couch watching TeeVee with my wife so world’s collided and I just needed to get to bed because working on the farm all day tires me out.

But in the crisp, clean light of God’s new day, I get it! And “it” is bad ass. Watch this video. I’ll wait [you might want to put on some Death Grips or something because the song is limp]…

…what, right?!

As a kid we played “guns” from sun up until sun down each and every day with our only interruption being a silly little thing called school. We had sticks, cap guns, pipes, water pistols, and anything that closely enough resembled a firearm. Our fingers became massive weapon of killing death. Adults would walk by all nonchalant and give us clues where assassins were hiding. This was sanctioned play by adults in 1970s America.

We loved that shit to death and we all somehow turned out to become pacifist pussies who don’t let our children mimic war and killing. Sigh. THIS COUNTRY WAS BUILT ON KILLING MOTHERFUCKERS!



One Response to “Boys Club”

  1. Rickey Retard Says:

    We surrender to you our Chinese masters.

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