Angry Birds is DARPA Training and Desensitization Program, Anyway


Hey, cool!  Your kid can play Angry Birds on the phone. That’s rad. But can your kid explain and discuss torque and velocity? I know, the yellow birds speed up when you tap the screen. I understand.

Today we cut some wood, drilled some holes, screwed some screws, and made a catapult. Why? Why not? Your kid will have to take orders from someone in a few years.

We also tested different substances that melt ice (and used control ice for comparison). She was interested in sodium chloride, sodium magnesium, and silica. Where’d she get this? Hell if I know. Why? Why not? Doy! What global warming?

She just wants to understand stuff. She wants to know all the “whys”.

But, yeah, get those pigs, gamers! Someday your kid can sit in a cubicle in Tampa and operate Raptor drones my kid designed…for peaceful purposes, of course.

Good luck with the blackbird bomb bird.


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