Church On The Move


A good friend of mine who JUST had a baby last week sent me this video. Subject was like “Just in case you didn’t see this…”  Where am I going to see this? I just got the new Kanye single, Power.

He’s either trying to indoctrinate me into the sacred church of unicorns and dragons or he’s finding resonance in this portrayal of fatherhood. Or, he’s just sleep deprived and struggling to make sense of new human life and the roles related to its survival. Nigga what?!

I get most of this; it’s solid satire but the problem is these Jesus-y fellas seem to relish this…this…mostly relegated to totem pole bottom lifestyle. It would be funny if they didn’t actually live this life. You can tell, right? Nigga what?!

Again with the minivan. Again with the goatee (which rhymes, apparently, with 1080p). Again with khakis. When did this become the prototype? Did the TeeVee do this to men?

Yeah, I’m from the suburbs, but I don’t roll that way [see Episode 9].


3 Responses to “Church On The Move”

  1. tweeder_yah Says:

    Yep, this has the churchies finger prints all over it. These are the same dudes that won’t even look at me when I happen to be at the same kid-friendly spot because I must be gay or crazy or both, looking the way I do.

  2. Gavin Says:

    I know the shit they do is supposed to be laughably whack but I love all those things. I bawled my eyes out to Up! and would kill for that zTrak 700 Series mower (no way a dad uses that on his lawn – it’s a commercial mower).

    Hate “I’m corny” rap parodies but this was pretty good. If only normal dads were this funny and cool to hang out with. Every time I’m at a dad event I feel like GG Allin.

  3. Swagger Wagon « Mydadhomies Says:

    […] Mydadhomies Just another weblog « Church On The Move […]

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