A Very Special TeeVee Moment, Or, “Don’t Piss Me Off”


I do watch some TeeVee.  I like it, so fuck you.  It’s the quality time between the wife and I share so tenderly.

So on this one television program on the NBC network called Parenthood there is a scene that truly resonated with me both as a father and as a grumpy jerk son of a bitch.  So I’m sharing it with My Dad Homies.  Yeah, Parenthood, I’m whipped like cream.

Quick back story: the smart-but-troubled granddaughter, Amber, invited her crunchy-mope boyfriend from Fresno to come spend some quality/love time with her.  The boyfriend is one of those bad acoustic guitar playing, thin bearded, flannel shirt wearing, fake philosopher kids you want to punch because he so full of shit you get mad pissed that the chicks buy that bullshit.  You know the fucker.  He has a van.

At one point, the mother, Sarah (Sarah and Amber are living in grandpa Braverman’s compound outside of Berkeley), discovers the boyfriend with Amber in the shower.  Boyfriend runs out of the house, predictably.

So this one scene I’m noting, the crazy, hippie-vet grandfather of the Braverman clan, Zeek (played by Craig T. Nelson), confronts the teenage suitor from Fresno in the kid’s van.

Boyfriend: (in all sincerely) “Sir, I just want to let you know I consider myself a student of phi-los-o-phy.  Live and let live, I mean no harm to anyone.”

Zeek: (annoyed as hell) “I am an irrational hard ass with rage issues.  Don’t piss me off.”

I had to pause the TiVo machine and write the dialog down because it was so…me.  My wife agreed.  You see, I am the father of a daughter.  And I’m also an irrational dick with a rage chips on my shoulders.  Don’t piss me off, boys.


3 Responses to “A Very Special TeeVee Moment, Or, “Don’t Piss Me Off””

  1. Van Enthusiast Says:

    yeah, we’re all pretty creepy – but I agree with you on this db. I pretty much hate any dude that sits and plays guitar for a broad, and I’m a guitar player.

  2. Philly Dad Gabe Says:

    So are you now Stoic Beard Man, or Black Beard Man? You need a new t-shirt, Holmes.

  3. Grayman Says:

    The magazine pouch on your belt in that photo is currently kicking around Afghanistan with a buddy of mine.


    p.s. Concur with all you wrote. Philosophy comes after a good meal.

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