When Did My Kid Go All Hipster?


I didn’t do this.  I’ve been pushing Republican Lawyer Accountant because they have all the money and power.  Harmonica playing “hipsters” are poor and dirty and use foul language.  I know, believe me.

Granted she is good in algebra and geometry but she also plays the “electric” guitar and professes to want to play the drums.  THE DRUMS?!  Sigh my heavy heart.

All this means is I’ll be paying for her “flat” in Williamsburg (not-in-Virginia-Williamsburg) in 11 years while she runs around like Valhurey and Ari.  Sadly, her mother and I were going to retire to the city once she flew the coup.  Now she’s gonna be acting like she owns the shit.

Already got me buying art supplies…

We got dibs, kiddo.  Dibs!


2 Responses to “When Did My Kid Go All Hipster?”

  1. ari Says:

    hahahaha. hopefully she’ll go west, so your parents will have an excuse to pester her all the time (this is what my mother did to me and it worked out well for her.)

  2. Land of Misfit Toys in the Attic « Mydadhomies Says:

    […] iPod – Again, after basically stealing ours, we finally got her her own iPod.  Now the problem is I have to keep downloading shit for her.  It’s like I’m her Coolie, she buys more iTunes shit than I.  But the good deal is we can share music interests. […]

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