I put this up on Street Carnage and forgot to include it here. Some critics have said they need to see Duncan react to other people to be sure he’s racist. Trust me, Derrick is the ONLY guy who freaks him out like that. The behind-the-scenes secret however is I think it’s because of the kooky hair. As a bus driver in Scotland once said, “He looks like he stuck his finger in a light socket.”


3 Responses to “RACIST BABY”

  1. Ty Hardaway Says:

    I love it so much. Not how flipped Duncan is but the sweet camaraderie between Pinky and Gavin. Front all you want, but you two are like BFF to the max. It’s…touching.

    I get along with kids and dogs but I had two (racist) dogs bark at me in the past two days. Both freaked like Duncan (except they looked like they wanted to rip my testicles off).

  2. ari Says:

    best. birthday present. ever. even though i’m like, a month late on this, you posted this on my birthday, so THANKS.

  3. Land of Misfit Toys in the Attic « Mydadhomies Says:

    […] required” routines with some new plastic toy hecho en China for one of his lovely little (racist) offspring.  He called to express his dad-frustration at how “fucking cheap” this […]

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