As a response to Benjamin’s post about kids wrecking your work: Check out this fucking masterpiece I put together on the plane. I went far beyond simply coloring in the lines and delved into the mechanics of how pressure affects the density of the colors. When Sophie saw it, she took in the beauty immediately (how could she not?) She noticed how the sunset is so real it’s like you’re looking through a small window into the dusk.

Then she ripped it.

That’s right. She ripped it out of the pad and threw it on the ground.

I did what most victims of abuse do. Nothing. I bottled up the hurt and made a commitment to put less of myself out there in the future. I rarely draw these days and the majority of my time is spent building a brick wall around myself to keep out the pain, the fear, and the hurt. Goodbye Grover. Goodbye sweet sunset.



  1. Koreanish Says:

    I was drawing animals with my son and he asked me to draw a rhino. I drew it it perspective, with fucking shadows and everything. Did he thank me? Did he try and understand my many techniques in order to better is own pathetic style? No. He said it looked weird and has refused to draw or paint with me ever since. I am shunned in my own home. I call that emotional blackmail.

    You were a victim of child abuse. Your child abused you, and it is not right. You are going to be OK. This is a safe place.

  2. ty Says:

    I still say we form a gang and take the little fuckers on.

    No guns though. Just knives, chains, and ball-peen hammers.

    The Daring Daddies will accept a rumble in the park (McCarren OR Prospect, I don’t give a fuck, we’ll SLAUGHTER the runts).

    As a wise man once said, “Bring ’em on!”

  3. TL Says:

    That was really good colouring. Especially the water.

  4. Jans Landquest Says:


    Thanks for making this example known to the world of Dads. I am anticipating my daughter being birthed and have already imagined how I can impress her with my Jack of many trades abilities, including an uncanny knack with arts & crafts…

    I think kids see that shit that adults do and react like we adults do, but we bottle it up whereas they tear it out and ridicule it (ala the Rhino example above)…

    So, in a way, it’s good cause your kid isn’t afraid to express emotions in their pure form (yet), and you don’t have to go out of yr way to impress your kid… Or rather, I will take that as advice to not do the same. Then someday, when she’s in high school and sees her dad as not worth much more than a few shits, I will bust out some masterpieces, impress her, and then coolly play it off like it’s nothing..

  5. Jans Landquest Says:

    Ah, I meant to iterate that the feeling I was speaking of was envy. Your kid probably envied you. I remember feeling that way as a kid, when I saw real talent.


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