The TV is FUCKING CRUCIAL article was brilliant.”

-Byrd Leavell (my fucking literary agent)

“Hey Gavin,

I just wanted to reach out and tell you how much I appreciate your new dad blog. Somebody sent me a link today and I have poured over it. I have two kids seven months and four years old and was probably waiting in line to do bumps right behind you back in the day. You nail the tension, reality, humor, fear, insanity of all of it. And my wife being an English, Guardian reading European socialist as well I sympathise with the predicament you mentioned in TV is FUCKING CRUCIAL.”

Jimmy Jelinek (Editor of Playboy)

Dear Jimmy and Bird,

Thank you for you kind words but I didn’t write that article. A noname rookie shithead nobody named Benjamin did. FUCK!


Gavin McInnes


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