shirts off coney island

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery but when your son starts to actively observe the drunken antics of co-workers and debauched Texas uncles beware. The mother will blame only you. In no time, he’ll be ripping his shirt off, disrupting downtown art shows and strolling shirtless along ghettoed boardwalks like a cocksure dandy.  Of course, if he wants to hang at Coney Island with the hobos and over-muscular guidos, the shirtless antics of daddy’s past will make him a local in no time flat.


5 Responses to “SHIRTS OFF BOYZSSS!”

  1. ty Says:

    But every little boy needs to get the quick shirt removal move down pat for when the camera crew from COPS arrives.

  2. roedood Says:

    Simply dazzling

  3. Kelly Q E Hudson Says:


  4. hector Says:

    i like trace’s posts best

  5. bag Says:


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