One thing being a dad teaches you is how important it is to have a dad. Do you know anyone from a single parent home that isn’t fucked up? I wrote about it here. There’s a cute article about it here. Though she confuses male role models with male models. Here’s a quote…

“I have done it all: Career, postponed first marriage, had a son, divorced, remarried 11 years after the divorce. During my “single parent” stage (of 12 years or so), I did everything I could to provide my son with male models (our family was out of state, his dad moved to the east coast, but our son did visit him): Doctors, Boy Scouts, Big Brother, karate, male teachers. Kids, boys in particular, need men in their lives because they do NOT need to emulate females. I was very fortunate, my son’s step-dad provided that visible male role model that he (and all kids) needed. My second husband was there for most of my son’s high school years, college, and now, career.

My conclusion on the PP/Sentinel article is that it focused far too much on the mom – it’s the kids who need to be the focus. Survey after survey find that kids simply do better with dad in the house.”


6 Responses to “WHAT’S MISSING? DADs”

  1. Amy Says:

    I, too, am a firm believer that children are much happier and healthier in a two-parent home. If my father hadn’t been as present as he was after my parents’ divorce, I know I would have turned out far more cynical and drunk than I already am. Every girl has her respective ‘daddy issues’.
    My question is, what is your stance on households with two mommies? Do you see it as being an equal, two-parent home? Or do you feel otherwise?

  2. Amy Says:

    Postscript: I LOVE your posts. All of your parenting videos made me lose it.

  3. Gavin McInnes Says:

    I was just talking to some faggots about that the other night. I said, “The number one thing about having kids is knowing you’re going to be with that person for at least 20 years.” I’ve heard dykes say they wouldn’t do it because being a kid is hard enough without having to deal with being teased but I think the “together for 20 years” rule trumps the weirdness ten fold. Gay couples tend to emulate mom dad roles anyway.

  4. tommy gun Says:

    at the risk of being way too personal, i wanted to add a comment here. my real dad ran off, so my grandfather stepped in and raised us. a real man, WWII vet, built our deck and a dock into the river, from what i read from you he’s your type of dude. anyway, it made all the difference in the world. then i had kids super young. I am 34 with a 14 year old son and 11 year old daughter.. but i still went to school, got a good job etc. all i can say is that being there and being a male role model for my son was critical. you can’t replace it. and i was emulating my grandfather and it worked. and when he told me recently i was a good father and he respected me for it – it was the most important thing anyone ever said to me.

    love this blog. can’t wait for “a guy named Benjamin” to post something.

  5. BJB Says:

    OK, so I totally wrote out “some anecdotal evidence about [my] mother raising [me] all by herself and [my] turning out just fine,” and then I actually read your article. Fuck.

    Whatever, I still disagree with you on principle. The statistics you quote are lame and disguise broader societal problems that result in single-parent households in the first place. Seriously, do you really think single moms get beat up more frequently just because they’re single? That’s fucking ridiculous. Maybe if they just MARRIED those douchebags, everything would magically turn to unicorns and rainbows!

    Also, these fatherless children who are killing themselves and getting pregnant and doing drugs and shit aren’t necessarily doing it BECAUSE their fathers aren’t around. I’m guessing they’re also more likely to come from lower-income, lower-education situations, which is likely CORRELATED to their not having a father around, but not necessarily CAUSED by it. (I’m too lazy to look up those statistics right now, so take me down for that if you must.)

    You really thing that taking these poor, ignorant people and forcing them to get married (and stick it out, damnit!) is going to solve the fucking problem? I think a better solution is to look at the root causes of single moms in the first place rather than just saying “fuck them.” Just because 62% of moms weren’t “abandoned” doesn’t mean they “chose” to be single mom’s. Divorce is usually a two-person process, no?

    Instead, maybe if we worked a little harder on preventing dumb, avoidable pregnancies in the first place, and preserving them for elitist assholes like yourself, we’d end up with a lot fewer fucked up idiot kids. Work for you?

    Also, seriously, an NYU study from the ’50s? Yeah, back when “overtly dominant, aggressive, narcissistic and bitterly hostile” more or less meant “not satisfied with the idea of sitting in a fucking Long Island bi-level cooking roasts all day long.”

    Fuck you. How’s that for bitterly hostile?

  6. Alex Says:

    Gavin, just found these for you: http://fathersrights.tripod.com/stats.html

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