The unspoken theme of this blog is ‘strength thru discipline.’  Not corporeal punishment per se but rather developmental regimen.  And, in this case, it’s the parents who need the discipline. Kids crave routine, so it’s up to you to establish orderliness.  The exhausting repetition and bone-numbing attention to detail, which is most certainly killing you, provides an important function. It will build you a kid that is healthy, wealthy and wise.

Kids need to be squeezed in order to break free of the also-rans and a disciplined life offers a framework for them to riff on. Nurturing is a by-product of indoctrination, so pick your spots and occasionally turn your beautiful little monster into a hired hand. He/she will appreciate it and you’ll have a cool parlor trick to show the other dad homies. The possibility of a future slogging long hours in nightclubs be damned.



  1. D-Web Says:

    little feller already has the iron claw for grabbing those frosties

  2. ty Says:

    Mine knew “beer me” at about 3. Love it. Now that she’s seven she can even use an opener. She loves to help.

    I’ve told her that when she’s as tall as her mother I’m going to start driving lessons. Her mom’s just under 5′. So she’ll start lessons around 10. Am I crazy? No. she’ll have six years of training under her belt when she’s licensed. She’ll always be the designated driver.

    We’ve also trained in sarcasm and swearing.

  3. EssBee Says:

    I, too, now have a little designated driver. The 15 year old now has a learner’s permit, so cops be damned! I’m gettin’ liquored up.

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