The biggest hindrance to raising a son in your own image is the oscillating impediment of  “mommy correctness.” While oh so handy for the nitty-gritty of child rearing, mommies are obsessed with nebulous fears like the influence of TV on a young Master’s development. The only way a daddy can skirt this gender-based tug o’ war is to wean mommy off her physical comedy bias.  By highlighting intellectual exercises set to jaunty tunes, you’ll be able to mask the aberrant behavior just over the hijinks horizon. Swinging the Alphabet is a mommy’s gateway drug to full blown Three Stooges mayhem. Give it a whirl and soon you too can be the father of a one-line delivering, pratfall instigating, skylarking son. In the long run, even mommies understand schoolboys need stooges.


3 Responses to “MOMMY CORRECTNESS”

  1. Shemp Says:

    Those harmonizing co-eds must have presented a whole different facet of mommy correctness liability issues for Moe, Larry and Curly.

  2. jasy j Says:

    Nice referencing of the 3 Stooges for the 60 year old first time father demograhic. Maybe this site should be called my old ass dad homies with ads for Carter’s Little Liver Pills. Can’t wait for the puberty advice posts promoting the ‘He-Man Women Haters Club’

  3. Steve M Says:

    “’ll be able to mask the aberrant behavior just over the hijinks horizon” That’s great.

    Luckily for me, and my 7 year old Daughter, my Wife is not a stooge blocker.

    While the two of us were watching Seinfeld recently, and George said to Elaine “You know let me tell you something, no one walks into a barber shop and says “give me the Larry Fine”.” my little girl knew where he was coming from. It was a proud moment for me.

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