Oh how I hate this video. Let me count the ways.

Picture 5

1- Yes lady, you are correct. Pit bulls are NOT responsible for the majority of attacks on children. Here’s the clincher however you stupid cow, pit bulls represent a tiny minority of the breeds out there so they are DISPROPORTIONATELY responsible for attacks on kids. Do you know what “disproportionate” means? Let me put it this way: Most smokers do not die of lung cancer.

Picture 4

2- I realize 9 children a year is not a big number in the grand scheme of things but you might want to avoid announcing it in huge block letters like it’s great news.

Picture 2

3- You’re trying to show us what great parents pit bull owners are but all I can see is kids sprawled out all over the living room, passed out. What the fuck do you do, live your life like a single person and just watch your kids fall over when they run out of batteries? I hate to sound bourgeois but the rest of us provide beds for our kids with actual nap times. You may want to raise the bar to at least that prehistoric level before you go off on a bragging montage.



  1. Gabe Says:

    No one doing the math, ever.

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